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Pediatrician (Child Specialist)
Surat, Gujarat, India

Children bring joy and colour to our world, but they can also be demanding and difficult to understand. Mehtachildcare.com is a site by a pediatrician, for parents. It has information about children, their care, diseases, vaccination, health promotion, and other childhood issues. It is meant to fulfil information needs about children and their health related issues, but cannot replace a pediatrician or other doctor.

I qualified as a pediatrician in 1988, and started Mehta Childcare in 1990. In 2015, my practice completed 25 years.

About Dr. Parang Mehta

The author of this site, I am a qualified pediatrician in primary care practice. I look after children from birth to the age of fourteen years.
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Services Provided


I practice as a primary care pediatrician in Surat, Gujarat, India. I look after children from birth to their fourteenth birthday. My clinic provides curative services to sick children, as well as disease preventive and health promotive services to healthy children.

I am available for consultation Monday to Saturday.

Mehta Childcare,
Opposite Putli, Sagrampura,
Tel: +91 9429486624.
  11am to 1 pm & 4 to 6 pm

Tuli Hospital,
Near Ram Chowk, Ghoddod road,
Tel: +91 261 2660304.
9 to 10.30 am & 7 to 8 pm

About this site

Every page on this website has been written by me, Dr. Parang Mehta. The information given here is not a collection of my personal views, but scientific facts, as known at the present time. The site does not aim at promoting any particular treatment, food product, or drug.

The site is open access - no registration or password is required for any page. I do not use cookies or install any spyware on your computer. I collect no information about you, including email ID or IP address.

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This site offers information about babies and children -- their care, treatment, diseases, illnesses, and other medical concerns. It is meant only to satisfy the information needs of parents about their children's health, diseases, vaccination, and related subjects. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the material about diseases, illnesses, and treatment, the author accepts no responsibility for, and certainly does not recommend, the use of this information for the treatment of sick children.

No information available on this web page, or on others, can replace the examination and treatment by an expert doctor or pediatrician. It is not sensible to try to diagnose your child's disease off a web page (or from a book), and if your child is acutely ill, it is best go to a hospital immediately.