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Breastfeeding -1
Breastfeeding -2
Colic in babies
The crying baby
Going home after a baby
Jaundice in babies
Massage for babies
Sleep and babies

Where should vaccines be given?
Do vaccines cause harm?
Chicken pox vaccine
Measles vaccine
Polio vaccines
Tetanus vaccine
Whooping cough vaccine

Chicken Pox
The common cold
Diarrhea in children
Febrile seizures
Hemophilus influenzae
  type b disease

German measles (rubella)
Whooping Cough

What is asthma?
Classification of asthma
Asthma treatment principles
Asthma triggers and avoidance
Drugs that control asthma
Drugs that relieve asthma
Inhaled therapy for asthma
What are nebulisers?
Metered dose inhalers (MDIs)
Spacer devices
Dry powder inhalers

Bed wetting
Treatment of bed wetting
The clumsy child
Heavy schoolbags
Pets and health risks
The Restless Legs Syndrome
Television and children

Soft drinks

Frequently asked questions-1
Frequently asked questions-2

"Be careful of reading health books,
you may die of a misprint."
Mark Twain

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Welcome to my website! I am a pediatrician, working with children for over twenty years now. This website started as a way to share information with the parents of my patients.   More...

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A pediatrician is a doctor that specialises in children. However, a good pediatrician does more than simply diagnose and treat childhood illnesses. More...

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This site is open access and requires no registration, free or otherwise. It has information about children - their health, growth, nutrition, care, illnesses, and other problems. I've tried to make all the content unbiased and scientifically correct, and I welcome any corrections from readers. More...
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